Resuming Study of Irish Drama

I have resumed my study of Irish drama. This is because there is a good possibility of my going to the 2023 Dublin Theatre Festival. I will blog about that later. Regardless of what happens, I will put more time into learning about Irish drama and theater. I would say I was about half done with this before the pandemic put an end to my plans for a trip to Dublin. There are several books I only half read. Now I will finish reading them.

A big priority is to familiarize myself with the work and life of Oscar Wilde. I was surprised to find that I had never read anything by him. Since I keep a database of all the books I have read, I can check to see if I have read anything by an author. It was a surprising oversight to exclude this playwright from my Dublin travel guide. I have added a topic on the author and the Oscar Wilde House. So far I have read the play The Importance of Being Earnest. I did see the film version of this play. Now I am reading Lady Windermere’s Fan.

I am also reading the play Wonderful Tennessee by Brian Friel. I bought a hardcover edition of this play on eBay. I need to read this play to continue to read the book Sacred Play: Soul-Journeys in Contemporary Irish Theatre. I bought this book on January 31, 2017 and I still have not finished reading it. The problem is that it discusses various plays which you probably have not read, like Wonderful Tennessee by Brian Friel.

I also have a book on the history of the Abbey Theatre to read, if I can find it. I also plan to read all the other Marina Carr plays I have yet to read.

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