Argentina Theater And Playwrights

I am currently studying Spanish and planning a trip to Buenos Aires. I don’t know when I will make this trip. International travel still seems a bit risky because so many flights are being cancelled….

Maintaining Enthusiasm

Writing plays can be very discouraging. Every book I’ve read on playwriting has been discouraging. Most playwriting books emphasize that your chances of getting a play produced are very slim. Every rejection of a script…

Carnage Film Review and Analysis

Last evening I saw the film Carnage on DVD. The film is based on the play God Of Carnage by French playwright Yasmina Reza so it is relevant to theater. The play has only four…

On Being A Serious Artist

What makes one a serious artist? This is a topic I explored in my full length play Charcoal Sketches. I would argue that you cannot aspire to become a serious artist. You are either destined…


I have been reading several translations of Euripides’ play The Bacchae (or The Bacchantes) because I am fascinated by its connections with shamanism. Recently I have become interested in another one of his plays, Medea….