I have not written a blog post in awhile because none of my plays are being accepted by playwriting contests and I’ve pretty much lost interest in it. However, my New Years resolution is to write a screenplay and I am working on that. Recently I used ChatGPT to write a few scenes for my screenplay. It did not do a very good job but that inspired me to write two scenes myself. Writing a screenplay is actually pretty easy if you just write the scenes you think you will need without worrying about the structure.

I amĀ  learning how use Final Draft for writing screenplays. This is the software I use to write plays so I am pretty familiar with it. I just need to learn a few things specific to screenwriting. Recently I learned how to create the title page for my screenplay. And I learned what a log line is so I now have a log line for my screenplay.

I need to read more screenplays but not many are published. You can find a lot online as PDFs. I’m not too fond of reading long PDFs. I did find a text file of the Pleasantville screenplay on the DVD of that film.

I have resumed reading Writing Screenplays That Sell: The Complete Guide to Turning Story Concepts into Movie and Television Deals by Michael Hauge. I have several books on writing screenplays which I have not read. Reading them might keep me motivated.

My screenplay will probably never be made into a film, but it would be cool just to have written a screenplay. I love movies and writing a screenplay is one way to wield movie magic. Not too many people in my city are dreamers so having written a screenplay is actually something special in these parts.

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