The Sound Inside – Book Review

I need to write a few book reviews to demonstrate that I read plays. I have a genuine love for dramatic writing so I do read lots of plays. I bought The Sound Inside by Adam Rapp published by the Theatre Communications Group.  I saw this play at Studio 54 during my vacation in New York City last year.

This play is about writers so I can relate to that. The writers are suicidal which makes the play pretty depressing. Technically this play is a tragedy. It may seem a little self-indulgent for a playwright to write about writers, but it is less obvious if the writers are poets or novelists. These writers are novelists and they adore Dostoevsky. The only mention of a playwright is on page 24:

And Inge was primarily a playwright, by the way. I think playwrights actually have it harder.

This was in response to a list of writers who committed suicide.

I’m not sure why this play was written. Adam Rapp does not appear to be making any comment with this play. It seems like a slice of life served up to the audience for their consideration. There does not appear to be any point to the play. The play enjoys a certain gravitas because it concerns literature and serious matters like suicide. This is not the sort of play I would write. All of my plays have a point because I think it would be pointless to write a play just for the sake of writing a play. My plays illustrate an idea which is important to me. Getting a play produced would mean nothing to me if it had nothing to say.


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